NPA supporters are traitors

For the military and other state forces, If the President can ask you to sacrifice everything for the security of the country, including your life, he better be 100% for you, unequivocally and undoubtedly thinking of your best interests.

Now if he chooses to aid, support and coddle your enemies, that makes him a traitor, and no amount of denial will change that. Kahit ano pa sabihin mo, traydor ang tao na yun dahil sinusuportahan niya ang kalaban mo.

He does not think of you as a valuable member of society, but rather a toy to do as he pleases, and to feed to the enemies if it will allow him to reach greater political heights.

Let us not muddle the facts here, the NPA is a terrorist organization who has long shed its ideological roots. They kill military personnel, innocent civilians, and people who refuse to join them or pay up. They hinder progress and destroy both government and private property, so don’t tell me that supporting them is patriotism. That is bull.

And politicians who say that the NPA are just fighting for something they believe in are myopic or traitorous.

So don’t tell me na adik ako or ayaw ko nang pagbabago dahil ayaw ko kay Duterte. Kaya nga ako nagsuot ng uniporme ilang taon na ang nakakalipas dahil gusto ko umasenso, umunlad, at maging mapayapa ang Pilipinas.

So please, don’t insult me or my intelligence by repeating that line that people who don’t like Duterte are corrupt, against change, or whatever else.

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