Rainloop Password Change Plugin for Virtualmin

Rainloop Plugin Screen

While setting up the Rainloop webmail client for PMA2006.com, I needed a Rainloop password change plugin for Virtualmin. Virtualmin was the web control panel that I use to manage my websites.

Rainloop Password Change Plugin for Virtualmin

However, I wasn’t able to find one. Only hMail, Cpanel, ISPConfig, and Poppassd were supported. Good thing Rainloop has a very good plugin system. I had to spend the whole day studying the plugin structure to create my own. After finishing it, I uploaded it to Github. The Rainloop team suggested some edits to the code of my Rainloop Password Change plugin.

The plugin has now been merged into the main Github repository for Rainloop. Check out the code and feel free to fork it and make modifications to suit your needs.

If you are setting up your own mail client on a Virtualmin system, check out this plugin. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.

Download now: Rainloop Password Change Plugin for Virtualmin


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