SWEET Script Installation

  1. Install a UserScript Manager in your browser

    Google Chrome:  TamperMonkey
    Mozilla Firefox:    GreaseMonkey 
    (For users using Firefox on Windows who are experiencing problems with the script, uninstall your current Greasemonkey version and install this old stable version of Greasemonkey)
    Opera:    ViolentMonkey
  2. Go to this page for the script
  3. Look for and click “View Raw” button.
    *Your UserScript manager will automatically launch.
  4. Click “Install”
  5. Refresh Thumbtack Portal

If you are experiencing problems with the script, please go to the Greasemonkey Manage Scripts section, or to the Tampermonkey Dashboard, and delete all existing scripts and reinstall again.

For those having problems with the hotkeys for the different while using Firefox on OSX, please check this document — OSX Hotkeys-Firefox

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